haokhome is a large B2C cross-category comprehensive online mall. haokhome integrates low price and excellent quality together, which is to achieve the bottom price every day and bring real benefits for consumers.

Since its opening, haokhome has taken meeting the needs of online consumers as its core, providing online consumers with high-quality, low-priced goods and delivery services, achieving a 600% increase and becoming a highly trusted e-commerce shopping platform worldwide.

The company was established in October 2020, and the website was established in September 2021. When the company was first established, there were only a few employees, but they all had their own novel ideas. After our hard work and a group of talented and dedicated employees joined, the company has made considerable progress from its inception to the present.

haokhome mainly planter, insist on doing the best quality and best planter brand, now the main products are cat planter, dog planter and other animal-shaped planter.

To achieve the lowest price every day and bring real benefits to consumers

To provide quality products to online consumers